now Hiring!

Please contact us if you are interested in a position in the Roberts-Galbraith laboratory.

Post-doctoral candidates:  Please send your CV, representative publications, and names/contact information for 3 letters of reference.

Graduate students and prospective graduate students:  Most prospective graduate students should apply to UGA through the Integrated Life Sciences program.  Students interested in rotating in the Roberts-Galbraith laboratory should contact Rachel to arrange a meeting to discuss the lab and our current research interests.

Undergraduate students:  We do not currently have any available positions in the laboratory, but we might have openings in Summer or Fall of 2020.  We give priority to 1st/2nd year students who are interested in committing to a research opportunity for 3 or more semesters (which could include summer term).  Interested students should fill out an application and email Rachel to set up a time to discuss your interest in the lab.  Interested students should also check out the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities for additional information about getting course credit or receiving a research assistantship/summer fellowship.