Renovations have begun!

I moved out of my office into a temporary space for a week (or a couple of weeks) until the construction of the office/lab is completed.  All of the Facilities Management Division folks have been super kind and helpful.  We have painting and flooring going on and new LED lights being installed.  There are a few minor construction projects and the biggest is the installation of kneeholes in each bench.  Evidently the lab was built in a standing work only era!

I'm also eyeballs deep in ordering new lab equipment. I need an organizational system to keep track of all the quotes and emails I have up in the air.  Incubators have arrived on campus and I just bought a terrarium for the land planarians.  Lots of other things on the way!

I also have started paperwork to hire a technician sometime in the coming months.  We will be looking for a motivated, organized individual who is enthusiastic about science and enjoys helping others.  If you are interested, keep an eye out for a job posting or send me an email!